Automobile Film Products

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Chemix Solar Film is one of the leading company for automobile window film manufacture. From economy choice to the high Tec clear window film, we have six series of the film to meet your demand. Most importantly, all the product in the small MOQ for the trial order, providing you 100% of support to test on marketing. For the item more the 3000 meter, we also have the customized color service, you can choose your most suitable color to the market. Get ready to find your ideal automotive window film manufacture right now!

Glue Tinted Film

Best economy choice for window films,
in shades from misty fog to celebrity charcoal.

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Tinted Dyed Film

Made in Taiwan's PET film with high performance and color stable characteristics

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Metallized Window Tint Film

By electroplating the metal particles on the surface, this one way mirror film to reduce the effects of excess sunlight and glare.

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Automotive Security Window Film

4mil and 7 mil.
Cool, safe, and secure Our security window film is your best guardian from fragmentation and thief.

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Automotive Nano ceramic film

Wonderful performance for luxurious tint’s stylish shade

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Chemix Cool Window Film

Tinting our window film, you can enjoy the sunshine without going darker in shade.

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