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Tinted Dyed Film

Product Advantage

Tinted Dyed Film

High performance and color stable characteristics

The biggest different between the glue tinted film and tinted dyed film is that tinted dyed film add the colourant during the manufacture process of the polyester film. Produced by excellence polyester and acrylic adhesive; SP series dyed film maintain in stable color and high clear clarity characteristics. SP series can block almost 100% of UVA & UVB to protect you from harmful sun rays and with no metalized material added in the film you can use your 3G product unblockedly. Provided the VLT% from 5 to 45, the film keep the high privacy for you, reducing glare and excessive light from outside of the car.


SP-Series has the following characteristics:

  • Durable dyed polyester film.
  • Color stable matching USA quality films.
  • Protected by anti-scratch coating.
  • Reduces harmful UV rays up to 99.90%.
  • Manufacturer supported with factory prices.

Specification Table

SP204Super Charcoal Black599.942Mil47%1.5Mil
SP205Dark Charcoal Black1399.93241%1.5Mil
SP206 Charcoal Black3799.92130%1.5Mil
SP207Light Charcoal Black4599.91927%1.5Mil

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